Step-by-Step Characters

Choose a Race

Character races are limited to the following list: dwarf, elf, goliath, half-elf, halfling, human, mul, or thri-kreen. Humans may opt to use the Variant Human Traits rule. New races are described on the Races page.

Choose a Class

The bard, monk, and paladin classes do not exist in Dark Sun. Clerics must choose one of the new subclasses defined by the Air, Earth, Fire, or Water domains. Druids with the Circle of the Land subclass are limited to the desert, forest, or mountain circles. The sorcerer class has been converted to “psion”; its spells are considered psionic rather than magic. (This will change if official or semi-official psionic rules ever appear.) Warlocks can only choose the Great Old One subclass to represent power derived from a Sorcerer King.

Determine Ability Scores

This campaign uses the Variant: Customizing Ability Scores rule. Athasian campaigns are high-powered; you have 33 points to spend on ability scores.

Describe Your Character

At 1st level, your character gets the Wild Talent feat for free. This new feat is described on the Customization Options page.

Choose Equipment

Starting wealth is not rolled. Equipment is acquired based on class and background; the Equipment page describes alternate items provided by these.

The equipment provided in Chapter 5 is generally not available on Athas. Alternate equipment options are available on this website.

Beyond 1st Level

All characters start at third level, with 900 total experience points.

Hit points are calculated according to the fixed values in the class entries. They are not rolled.

Step-by-Step Characters

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