Optional Rules

This game uses the 5th Edition rules for Dungeons and Dragons. The campaign plays through the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure book.


The following rules are used from the Player’s Handbook.

- Variant Customizing Ability Scores (13)
- Variant Human Traits (31)
- Equipment Sizes (144): This applies only to changing armor to fit a different Size-rated character.
- Multiclassing (163-165)
- Feats (165-170)
- Skills with Different Abilities (175)
- Encumbrance (176): Dwarves benefit from a modification described below.


The following rules are used from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

- More Difficult Identification (136): This does not apply to identifying potions.
- Mixing Potions and Scroll Mishaps (140)
- Flanking and Diagonals (251-252)
- Healer’s Kit Dependency and Slow Natural Healing (266-267)
- Disarm, Overrun, Shove Aside, and Tumble (271-272)
- Hitting Cover (272)


These are changes to normal or optional rules from the Player’s Handbook or Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Dwarven Speed: Dwarves ignore 10 feet of the speed reductions from the variant Encumbrance rule: while “encumbered” there is no speed reduction and while “heavily encumbered” the reduction is a mere 10 feet. (This prevents the optional Encumbrance rule from negating one of the dwarves’ racial features.)

Slow Natural Healing: Like the Healer’s Kit Dependency rule, spending Hit Dice during a long rest requires uses of a healer’s kit. However, if the character is convalescing somewhere safe (spending long rests in an inn rather than camping out in the wilderness) and is in the constant (or frequent) presence of a person proficient in the Medicine skill during the rest, the requirement for healer’s kits is waived.

Optional Rules

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