The first signs were small: bandits on the roads, halfling cannibals coming down from the highlands, and sand horror sightings on the flowing dunes—all too close to prominent trade routes and to blessed Tyr itself. To top things off, an important delegation to the city of Urik has gone missing, and the threat the cities’ political relations heralds a deeper danger. Are these events all some bizare coincidence, or is there a deeper reason behind them?

Working through its prophets, cults of Primordial Kings have emerged to destabilize the newly-freed Tyr region, spreading chaos in their wake. Can these adventurers prevent disaster and save the free peoples of Tyr once more?

This is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in the world of Dark Sun. It is a re-skin of the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure book.

Kings of Dust and Bone

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